Cross-cultural experience in the field

♦ Inclusive team: We are a team consisting of a Taiwanese person, a Czech person and a cat. We have working experience in Taiwan and mainland China, and have lived and worked in France, the UK and the Czech Republic for decades.

♦ Efficient local support: Better physical mobility in the local area, we can work according to your needs and provide you with the most efficient administrative work and local support.



Complete practical experience

♦ Experience of being an agent and participation in trade fairs
We have experience of working as agents and trade fair assistance: we know how to select the right the trade fair, take charge of communication, transportation, and exhibitions.

♦ We provide the most practical advice and consultation on import, taxation, contact with local customers, exhibition assistants and selling.


♦ Communicating simultaneously in five languages fluently: including English, German, French, Spanish and Czech. We are able to help you expand your business globally with the best possible efficiency.

♦ Solving the problems: Engaging in different aspects of fields such as commercial environment、Information and technical domains、film festival organisation, etc, efficiently access to resources and tackling problems.


What can we do ?



Photographs taken at the Munich Transport Logistics trade fair 2019

We offer experienced manpower ready to fulfill your immediate needs. We can:

Contact multinational manufacturers, deal with cross-border business contacts and correspondence.
Meet short-term or project-oriented requirements.
Assist in sales and reception at trade-fairs.

Hail falling from the sky during a trade show - Photographs taken at the Stuttgart KREATIV trade fair in Germany

We offer consultation and assistance related to trade fairs.

Provide European/Taiwan related trade fair materials.
Analyse your products and offer suggestions.
Deal with the participation in trade fairs and delivery of exhibited products.
Schedule travel services for the exhibitors
Provide translators.
Provide a local or European cultural journey after the show.
Arrange trade fair visiting tours.


Website examples of a company / products and online shopping websites

Provide flexible one-stop or customized service.

Set up a company official website which helps to communicate with customers in a most economical manner. Make a complete plan of participation at a trade fair in order to promote your products.

Provide other flexible customized services necessary for participation or visiting trade fairs.


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